Food design met impact

Good food is a beautiful thing.. Our values, technical skills and services are all aligned to bring you the best food concept design in the market. Our food has impact and delivers a tangible result. Our network of suppliers, food producers and chefs is as strong as it gets and will allow you to deliver consistent quality time and time again. We are ready!

We Design Food stands for food concept design with a high impact for both client, guest and executive parties involved. We bring them together with our concepts and they deliver a tangible result. Our culinary hart connects kitchen with concept, margin with recipe and investor / entrepreneur vision with staff execution. We commit to a proven concept where we want to show maximum creativity within budget and company DNA.

Our clients know that a long-term relationship will result in better work, delivery and thorough concept out roll. They understand that acting on data and implementation are as important as the development and creation phase. Food concept engineering starts when we deliver our concept and this process of finetuning is the cherry on the cake. Having a multi-disciplinary team, We Design Food develops food design from its culinary hart. Profession meets passion in our office. In this way, we deliver on custom concept, standardisation, meal quality and recipe design for the whole foodservice sector and we do not stop there. If good and thought through food has value for your company; we are the one to call.

Who & What + We Design Food = Good food for everyone!

We Design Food is a food concept bureau where the design determines the success rate of every operation where good and thought through food has value and purpose. Our design does not stop at product development and the creation process, it ensures a seamless flow to concept execution and managing data for finetuning and adjustments. We are like a fish in the water when it comes to change management within the foodservice industry. Food, taste, and a culinary experience are fluid.

The frameworks and DNA defines the strengths and sustainability of a food concept. Off course recipe is important, but also the on the floor execution and the perception at the/a table. Expertise’s that are so essential now and in the future. From inspiration, brainstorm, research and analysis to food design, implementation, marketing strategy and (re)organisation. Our team can take many forms: we are recipe writers, concept developers, strategic maniacs and trainers. Challenge us, we are ready.

Creativity and innovation is not the first thing that comes to mind thinking of the professional food sector and the food industry companies; just like attention for depth of flavor and nutritional value. We think that is a shame, and above all we know we can change that; because good food is in our DNA. It is who we are and why we get up in the morning. We know those everyday food frustrations of everyday life; having busy jobs, social and a family life. Good food is not a luxury! That is why we share our knowledge with our partners and that is why we connect with different disciplines in both theory and practice. Food Concept creation, delivery and implementation requires a dream, a focus and a Pitbull mentality. We believe that by working together we can deliver on every food challenge and dream. We make food design accessible and understandable and we distinctive our self with taste, flavor and result that brings profit and good food. That, in a nutshell, is what We Design Food defines


We create foodconcepts that work. Leaving the right impression for your guest and customers. Everybody in our network values the importance of quality food and together we deliver a sustainable result.

ONs culinaire hart verbind concept met keuken, recept & marge

Values &

Arne Ramak
Arne Ramak
Food Creator

Arne never sleeps. He is the scientific base of what eating really is and means within a project. Arne in two words? Recipe-king...

Louis Meisen
Louis Meisen
Food concept strategist

Louis works from his passion for food and has a perfect sense for food quality and trends. Mission?...

Leendert van de Pel
Project Manager

Leendert is a citizen of the world. Always seeking the essence that food can offer. He traveled extensively and...

Wei Lun Chen (Austin)
Wei Lun Chen (Austin)
Student SPD. TU Delft

Passionate about the combination of food and design. The diversity and cohesiveness of food...

Lieke Sniekers
Copywriter & Trainer

Lieke is our storyteller. Her journalistic background and activities for multiple well-known magazines give colour to...

Loes van der Stappen
Project Manager

Loes likes a challenge and always looks for a creative and effective solution. I get...


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