Menu Design

Introducing a new menu is not only a thing of taste. Food concept design is more than meets the eye. Targetgroup connection, diversity, style choise, Buy-in costs, seasonal advantages, work-flow and handling speed are all connected. In this case the concept itself was already set in stone, but the menu had to be updated in full. In general we like to base menu design on menu engineering. A menu can only be successful when the kitchen can handle it and when the food tastes good for the target group; every day, every time.


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Menu design
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Louis Meisen

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The menu we present is always a reflection of the restaurant and its guests. We look at the target group, the client’s briefing, standard of the kitchen team and see if there are any current problems in the all-round performance. Sometimes the client reach out is problem based, sometimes it is just a demand for a new impulse or more revenue on specific menu groups.

Menu design

When we have facts & figures about sales per menu group (breakfast, lunch, bites and dinner), we set to design the menu. We look at trends, and how long the menu will be used. Off course, everybody can look at great food picture, Jamie Oliver posts or trend reports; but a menu design is more about the back office. For us, a menu always makes a customer hungry and craving for food, not knowing what to choose. Then we have the niche group, which want to be surprised or have special requests; you also want to serve this group. Make no mistake about it, every level of restaurant has this niche group, not only the luxurious ones!

Lastly, you want some high traffic and fast menu items, next to the more expensive and labor intensive dishes. Now you are set for all kinds of guests with all kind of timeframes and reasons for being in your restaurant (business, leisure, a catch up).

In this specific case, we designed and implemented a new menu for the Brinkmann Grand Café in the city of Haarlem. They serve more then 400 couverts a day, with tables moving fast with tourists, regular customers, families and businessmen. They had the old menu for a long time, but also wanted a quality injection in their kitchen. Introducing a digital management system, in this case inONE, is an intensive project where the kitchen workflow changes completely. We Design Food manages this process and gives hands on assistance introducing the system. It is a team effort with the chef and his team, so not a top-down implementation.

"The whole workflow in the kitchen was taken care off"

Jorg de Groot van Cafe Bringmann

At the Brinkmann project, we did not stop at just recipes and inONE. We evaluated the product quality, added suppliers and changed products. The tableware was changed and renewed completely. Every dish was photographed and added to the recipe book. The kitchen team and the total brigade got a tasting and menu communication training. In short, a very intensive project for all people involved and a successful implementation and aftermath. It takes courage to start such a project, but Brinkmann is ready for the future with a fresh, new and modern menu and presentation. Happy guests!