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Kameryck is the number one event location in ‘the green hart’ of the Netherlands. For years they are at the top of their game, with the owner Mark Haagen developing the concept further and further every year. Their F&B offer is broad and keeps on targeting new target groups, with more and more capacity to also serve to the biggest clients. As of 2019, the evolution of the location was completed with a full interieur update and a new build wing. Now having space for also the larger groups; We Design Food helped developing the food concept based on these new changes. A new a la carte restaurant, a recipe management system, a new production kitchen facility and a scale up in number of available event spaces were the key elements in these changes at Kameryck.


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Because Kameryck was completely renovated and almost doubled their square meters, we had to manage and prepare the teams for this big turnaround in flow, system of organising and selling to clients. Business basically was going to double, and a firm standard was needed. We filtered the food offer, updated the foodbook and developed to ala carte menu together with their chefs. During this work, we made a long-term planning to get to a full recipe data base and based on a shortlist of (expected) popular items we made a short-term planning for creating these recipes; also seasonally focused. Everybody knows ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and we had to convince the chefs in this new way of working, bringing standards of working and a fixed method to their management styles. We showed them the difference with on the floor guidance. Old habits are hard to change, but with a consistent check-up we managed to convince them to really change their way of working. Because we only had 3 months to opening, we had to prioritize and manage this project really tight to create an acceptable impact. Concept out roll, kitchen design, finetuning and managing the teams was managed by creating a future battle plan with desired outcomes connected to the needed transformation in the teams.

Kameryck got a full make-over

The Kameryck project was first of all a team effort. We had to work with what we got. There was no time to step by step create a fully new food book, so we used their data and existing menu’s as a base. We created a concept base and reviewed the full offer to these standards. We removed a lot, but also transformed existing basics to a more modern offer. We made a fresh and modern start and brought a consistent structure with a more simplistic and natural feel. The upcoming scale up and required level of events asked for a higher and better manageable standard. Chef and sales team already performed massively these last 6 months. Guests that now stay, dine or meet-up at Kameryck will encounter an impressive transformation with a modern approach of food.

Guests are impressed

The menu, for both the leisure as the business guest, offers fresh and vibrant food with a comfort food style approach focusing on open fire cooking. We added an outdoor Braai to the concept and thematised everything regarding food around the elements all being really present in the beautiful surroundings. We added even more local produce and made Kamerycks own gardens more dominant in their recipes. Meat, fish and vegetables are now cooked in full, in front of the guests, mostly live. The outdoor kitchen creates an experience and it shows skills to manage this. Guests are impressed!

The Kameryck project has now reached the next phase of transformation. Kitchen team doubled in size and finetuning is now an everyday process. We Design Food currently acts as a consultant on quality and team performance, being in close contact with the owner Mark Haagen. It is vital that the kitchen team performs on its own and shows progress after feedback. Culinary standards are reviewed constantly and creating a complete recipe book is work in progress. To organise the new Kameryck it requires a lot more attention than before. A full house is now not something you can manage on your own anymore and you cannot rely just a getting it done mentality. The needed transformation to plan based production kitchen that serves multiple outlets at Kameryck, centrally managed and fully based on well-made recipes; has to be ready in 2020. Kameryck 2.0 is going to amaze even more!

“With WDF on board the food concept is even stronger”

Mark Haagen van Buitenplaats Kameryck

Looking back, it is so impressive that the team kept on going despite all the ongoing refurbishments and new builds. During this time, they even managed to do multiple events with a lot of energy. The team kept on going, staid motivated and although it was sometimes very tuff for them to let the old Kameryck go; they are now fully on board with the transformation. It took blood, sweat and tears, but we have closed Kameryck in our heart. Kameryck is ready for the future.